Get to Know our Services!

“Practice like you’ve never lost. Play like you’ve never won.”


Welcome to our blog! We want to kick off our first post with a brief introduction to our services offered at GOLF Your Way. Let’s get this part-tee (pun intended) started, shall we?!

Indoor Golf Simulators

For those ages 21 and older, we offer a premier indoor simulator golfing experience! This is our newest service featuring 4 simulators and 40 golf courses and games to play. Tee off anytime, no matter the weather!

Merchandise Available

In need of some apparel or accessories before your next event? We’ve got you covered! From clothing and jewelry, to balls and markers, to shoes and socks, we’ve got it all – and more. Stop in anytime for an exceptional customer experience!

Golf Club Services

Whether you could use new clubs, re-gripping, or club repairs, we are happy to assist you. Bonus: Our owner, Bert, even offers custom fittings and assembly, tailored perfectly to your game!

We take pride in the services and experience we offer our members, and aim to create an environment that feels like a home. If you’re interested in learning more about GOLF Your Way and our available activities and specialties, feel free to visit or website!

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